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What are benefits of ceramic tile?

It's Healthy: Ceramic tile is fired in high temperature kilns which means it does not contain or retain odors, allergens or bacteria.

It's Fire Resistant: Ceramic tile and its glaze doesn't burn or emit toxic fumes. Even hot kitchen pans or skillets can"t scorch or melt the surface.

It's Water Resistant: Most glazed ceramic tile has a dense body that permits little or no moisture accumulation.

It's Long lasting: Properly installed ceramic tiles will outperform and outlast nearly any other product created for the same application. You never have to worry about a cut or tear as with other materials.

Thermal Mass: Ceramic tile, with its thermal mass, acts as a natural cooling element in the summer and retains ambient heat in cool weather.

Individually hand decorated tiles for any indoor or outdoor wall application.

Kiln fired Designer Tile quality and durability at dye sublimation Artisan Tile prices.

Why is kiln fired important?

Color Safe: The colors are permanent, unaffected by UV rays or sun exposure. Dye sub tiles will fade over time if exposed to sunlight.

Strong: The glaze on tile is mechanically one of the strongest finishes. Our images are melted into the glaze, not simply fused to the top as with dye sublimation.

Durable: High-fired tile can withstand extreme conditions such as intense cold or heat, where dye sub tiles may fade, peel and crack if exposed to the same.

We, at Woodchuck Creations, appreciate your business
and give you our pledge to provide you with excellent service and quality products.

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they are beautiful - by ,
stars 5/ 5stars
We received them, and they are beautiful !!!!! ... exactly what we were looking for. Thanks again.


Decorated 12x12 Floor Tile

Your source for decorated large format tiles.




Ceramic Floor Tiles



Ceramic Tile Mural Backsplash




To view the mural designs, choose your favorite theme.

Animals / Insects

Fish and Seashell Ceramic Bathroom Shower Tile Mural

Bird and Fowl Ceramic Kitchen Backsplash Tile Murals

Decorative Equine Ceramic Kitchen Backsplash Tile Mural

Wildlife Ceramic Kitchen Backsplash Tile Mural


Rose Kitchen and Bathroom Ceramic Tile Mural


Fruit Basket Ceramic Kitchen Backsplash Tile Mural

Vegetable Basket Ceramic Tile Kitchen Backsplash Mural


Ship and Lighthouse Nautical Kitchen and Bathroom Tile Murals


Scenic Picturesque Landscape Ceramic Tile Murals

Southwest and Native American Ceramic Tile Murals



Glazed Ceramic Wall Tiles




To view the tile designs, choose your favorite theme.

Animals / Insects

Aquatic Fish and Seashell Bath Decorative Ceramic Wall Tiles
& Stair Riser Tiles

Birds Kitchen Shower Bath Decorative Wall Tiles
& Stair Riser Tiles

Butterfly Ceramic Wall Tiles
& Stair Riser Tiles

Horse Accent Kitchen Shower Bath Tiles
& Stair Riser Tiles

Rustic Wildlife Animal Accent Kitchen Shower Bath Porcelain Tiles
& Stair Riser Tiles


Rose Flower Accent Kitchen Shower Bath Tiles
& Stair Riser Tiles


Rodeo Cowboy Kitchen Shower Bath Decorative Wall Tiles
& Stair Riser Tiles

Fun Winter Sports Ornamental Ceramic Wall Tiles
& Stair Riser Tiles



Ceramic Tile Borders and Decorative Subway Tiles




To view the tile designs, choose your favorite theme.

To view the tile border designs, choose your favorite theme.

Animals / Insects

Aquatic Fish and Seashell Glazed Ceramic Borders Subway Tiles

Bumblebee Decorated Glazed Borders Subway Tiles

Bird and Fowl Ceramic Borders Subway Tiles

Butterflies Kitchen Bathroom Borders Subway Tile Designs

Rustic Lodge Wildlife Kitchen Bathroom Borders Subway Tile

Southwest Cactus Decorative Ceramic Tile Borders



Your home has always been a special cozy place filled with life's most memorable moments.
Give your rooms a new, unique and pleasant feeling with the look of our impressive, artistic, beautiful ceramic tile murals and accents.

Ceramic tiles are materials of lasting beauty that can actually increase the value of your home! reports that kitchen and bathroom remodeling offer the highest percentage return on your investment, anywhere from 90% to 120%.

These tiles and murals can be used in kitchen backsplashes,
in bathroom showers, spas, as accents or other tile applications.
The art applied is China Paint in decal form and kiln-fired into the tiles at 1450 degrees so the deep rich colors will not wash or wear off....
as durable as it is beautiful.
Ceramic tiles are waterproof, heatproof and fade resistant.
We use the finest decorative ceramic decals available.
Every project is carefully done with the customer's ultimate satisfaction in mind.

Cleaning is simple.
We recommend that you use a glass cleaner or multi-purpose cleaner with a soft cloth.

>All tiles are made to order so please allow up to four weeks for shipment of tiles from time we receive payment. This lessens the chance of tiles getting broken or chipped during storage.

We use USA made Standard Grade tiles.
Tile grade is the result of a visual inspection. Standard Grade, or grade 1, tile exhibits no obvious imperfections when viewed at a distance of three feet.

You can also send us your own tiles if you want to pay shipping.
Tiles must be of a fired clay base, natural stones such as Travertine are destroyed by the firing process.
We do recommend light colored tiles as most decals will be lost on a dark background.



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